Health Safety and Environment

The safety of the work place and proper health of our employees and clients is of paramount importance to us. In achieving our health and safety goals, our focus is proactive rather than reactive. We consider accident prevention an important element of all our operations.

Bait Al Sahwa targets zero Lost Time Injuries (LTIs) and all staff are required to comply with established and approved safe working procedures and standards. We believe that all injuries can and must be prevented. On-site training sessions are conducted periodically to create awareness and to ensure compliance among the employees. Our safety management systems are uniquely designed to suit the various sizes of contracts we undertake. Plans and procedures are presented and implemented as separate documents for individual sites. Official audits and risk assessments are regularly carried out as part of our Safety Management Plan and Quality Standards Procedures.

Working in conjunction with recognized, specialist agencies, we have developed a comprehensive plan to cover all key environmental issues. Recycling of waste, judicious use of electricity, water and other utilities, and the use of waste reduction processes are key environmental initiatives that we promote to enhance quality of our services.